Selino Taxi

Need a taxi?

Giorgos Falagaris lives in Sougia and is an independent taxi driver working mainly between Chania, Chania airport and the province of Selino (Paleochora, Sougia and all the villages in between).

Giorgos Falagaris

Giorgos is a friendly person, a careful and considerate driver, speaks reasonably good English (and even better Greek) and will be happy to look after you at more or less any time of the day or night and any day of the year.

A lot of his work consists of driving people between Chania airport and Sougia (or vice versa) but he will often take people on other trips in the region (see Destinations for the common routes).

Being only one driver, he may not be able to cover all the trips that have been booked, but he can arrange for other taxi drivers to help if needed so that overbooking is never an issue.

Please note that there are only very few taxi drivers in the region ( 2 in Sougia, 3 in Paleochora and 1 in Kandanos so only 6 taxis for the whole region) so if you need a taxi to any of these destinations, it is safer to arrange in advance.

To reserve a taxi trip with Giorgos, you can either phone (+30) 69723 70480 or (+30) 28230 51485 or even better email. You can write in English, German, Dutch or Greek.
If you need an airport transfer, we will also need the details of your flight (coming from, arrival time, airline, flight number).

We will quote you a fixed price for your taxi trip when you make your enquiry.